Company "BTI M" Ltd. gives you appropriate advice and legal service package in support of legalizing of unauthorized construction objects, replanning and reconstruction in all its stages. The current legislation of Ukraine provides for the procedure, which requires the developer or owner of the property to register their intentions concerning new construction objects activity, reconstruction or change the layout of ready objects. However, there are many examples where objects owners do not want to mess with complex "paperwork" and carry out construction or changes themselves without permits. First of all, it should be noted that these actions, even minor changes are illegal and violate a lot of laws. The result of these actions may be imposing penalties, which currently considerable or receiving orders to demolish the constructed buildings.

According to current law new construction activity, reconstruction or replanning of ready objects are carried out in the following order:

- receiving of input information;
- development of the project;
- examination of project documentation (in cases stipulated by law);
- approval of project documentation;
- permission for preparatory work;
- obtaining permit for construction works;
- construction works;
- execution of technical passport in BTI;
- object commissioning;
- registration of ownership right of urban development object.

The legislation provides for a simplified procedure for the start of construction of the object, reconstruction or redevelopment and commissioning for construction projects of I –III category of complexity, which exempts the owner from passing certain stages or simplify their passing. If the developer or owner made construction, reconstruction or replanning without permits, they have to go through legalization, that is, go through all the above stages after construction and to pay a fine (in some cases, fines can be avoided) to register the right of ownership of the object and execution of technical documentation. The abovementioned legalizing order of unauthorized constructed objects, replanning, reconstruction is accompanied with preparation and submission of necessary documents package. It should be borne in mind that incorrectly or not properly formed documents entail the denial of legalizing of urban development.