Regulatory framework

Land Code of Ukraine
Civil Code of Ukraine
Housing Code of Ukraine
Natural resources code of Ukraine
Law of Ukraine dated July 1st, 2004 № 1952-IV "On state registration of property rights to immovable property and their encumbrances" and other legislative acts of Ukraine"
Law of Ukraine dated July 7th, 2011 № 3613-VI "On State Land Cadastre"
Law of Ukraine dated November 17th, 2009 № 1559-VI "On alienation of land and other items of immovable property located thereon, which are privately owned for public needs or social necessity"
Law of Ukraine dated March 17th, 2011 № 3159-VI "On moratorium on changing intended purpose of individual land of recreational use in the cities and other localities"
Law of Ukraine dated December 11th, 2003 № 1378-IV "On Land Appraisal"
Law of Ukraine on May 22nd, 2003 № 858-IV "On Land use planning and control"
Law of Ukraine on October 6th, 1998 № 161-XIV "On Lease of Land"
Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 21.11.2012 № 1204 "On approval of size and operating procedure of fee using for amendments to the records of State registration of estate in real property and providing information of above-mentioned register»
Order of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine dated 03.12.2012 № 1779/5/748 «On some issues concerning providing of information interaction of authority carrying out maintenance of State Land Cadastre and state body of rights registration" entered into the register by Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on 12.10.2012 under № 2056/22368
Order of Derzhbud of Ukraine dated 24.05.2001 N 127 On approval of instruction procedure for carrying out inventories of real property
Order dated 02.04.2013 № 607/5 On measures of interaction of state bodies registration of rights and their officials
Order № 95 dated 19.03.2013 About approval procedures for commissioning individual (garden) residential cottages, garden, country houses, household (farmland) buildings and structures, additional buildings to them, public buildings and buildings and structures of agricultural purposes I and II category of complexity, constructed without permission for construction work and technical inspection of building structures and utility networks.
Decree of the President of Ukraine About the order of sharing land transferred to collective ownership to agricultural enterprises and organizations №№ 720/95 dated 08.08.95.
Law of Ukraine dated 17.02.2011 № 3038-VI «On urban planning order"
Order dated 16.05.2011 № 45 "On working out of design documentation order for the construction of works".
Law of Ukraine dated 20.05.1999 № 687-XIV «On architectural activity"
Law of Ukraine dated 16.11.1992 № 2780-XII «On the Fundamentals of urban development"