Expert (independent) estimation of real estate

Real estate objects include the following apartments, houses and private households, non-residential buildings and premises (retail, office, warehouse, manufacturing, etc.). Expert estimation is carried out for individuals and businesses and other institutions organizations.

Expert assessment of property is one of the most popular types of assessment and includes the appraisal of property rights or other rights such as the right to lease, use, disposal, etc.

The advantage of independent real estate assessment is that the assessment report that customer receives according to the results of evaluation of real estate is an official document. The report has the power evidentiary value and can be used in court during hearing on moot cases, taken into consideration by credit departments of banks, as well as a sufficient argument in disputes with the tax agency and when determining the base taxation when calculating tax during alienation.

Independent estimation of real estate can be made in respect of such objects as:

- industrial property objects (as an individual and as a part of property complex);
- residential real estate property (municipal housing stock, individual suburban housing), including: apartments, rooms, residential buildings (houses, cottages) and structures;
- commercial real estate objects (office, retail and warehouse space, hotels);
- social real estate properties, including social, cultural, health and sports;
- objects under construction (begin with only foundation and finish the objects that requiring only treatment);
- engineering networks, structures and transfer systems, including: approach roads, bridges, tunnels, overhead roads, railways, pipelines, gas and oil pipelines, wells and other immersion structures of various types, cable lines, power lines, enclosures, containers, tanks, water towers, defense structures, etc.;
- agricultural real estate properties;
- plantations, improvement of areas;
- permanent improvements.

Independent estimation of real estate upon customer’s request is carried out for the purposes:

- sale operation;
- privatization (state share repurchase);
- lease;
- share capital payment of new enterprise;
- security for credit obligations upon loan receipt (security, mortgage loan);
- transfer book-keeping report to international accounting standards;
- revaluation to reflect in the financial statements for real (market) value;
- accounting registration;
- separation of share owners (members);
- insurance;
- bankruptcy;
- enterprise restructurisation or liquidation;
- definition of loss and the value of insurance claims;
- inheritance execution.