Issuance of immovable property certificate of ownership

Immovable property certificate of ownership, which confirms the emergence of title to immovable property of performance of the state registration of rights to immovable property, shall be issued to:

1) individual and legal persons on the new constructed, reconstructed objects of immovable property;
2) the members of housing, building, cottage, garage or other appropriate cooperative, who has contributed their share contributions;
3) legal entities in case of contribution of real estate objects by their founders to the statutory fund;
4) individual persons and legal entities, who in case of legal entity liquidation obtained immovable property of legal entity going into liquidation as required by law;
5) individual persons and legal entities obtained ownership of the immovable property transferred to them, who retire from the founders of the legal entity according to the decision of the authorized body by constituent documents;
6) rehabilitated citizens who returned the real estate objects belonging to them;
7) in the case of separation of individual real estate unit from the real estate setup consisting of two or more objects;
8) individual and legal entities on real estate units, which in accordance with established procedure transferred from residential to nonresidential and vice versa;

List of submitted documents to obtain a certificate:

1. application of the established form;
2. a copy of the identity document of the applicant;
3. documents confirming the origin, transfer and termination of the right of ownership and other proprietary rights:
- contract the subject of which is property (the contract of sale, deed of gift, annuity agreement, life estate agreement and other);
- state certificate of ownership to the land plot;
- certificate of heirship;
- certificate of ownership issued by the privatization authority;
- certificate of ownership of real property issued by the local authority or the local state administration;
- a court decision entered into legal force concerning the right of ownership and other proprietary rights;
- court determination (recognition) on consent decree, etc..
4. the document containing the technical characteristics of such immovable property and based on the results of its technical inventory.
5. the document confirming the right of ownership to the land plot:
- state act on ownership of land;
- land rental agreement;
- certificate of heirship to land;
- civil agreement on alienation of land made in the manner prescribed by law, in case of obtaining of property rights to such transaction.
6. duly certified copy of the cadastral plan of the land plot on paper (except reconstruction of the apartment, residential or non-residential premises);
7. declaration of readiness of the object for operation, registered in the established order by the State architectural and construction Inspectorate and its territorial bodies.